Lessons From ‘Black Panther’

"Black Panther" has been all the rage for the past two weeks and I finally got to see what all the excitement is about. Four days later I’m still saying and singing Wakanda forever. Thanks to social media, prior to heading to the theater I was alerted to powerful messages or themes in the blockbuster movie. Being… Continue reading Lessons From ‘Black Panther’

You Are Not the Problem

Stop Blaming Yourself When I decided on the subject for this post, I could hear Maury Povich saying, “You are not the father.” You probably remember the popular paternity test segments of Maury where mothers tried to prove whether or not men they were involved with were the father of their child. In many cases, Maury… Continue reading You Are Not the Problem

Secret Child

I, Too, Am An Essie Mae Washington-Williams When news broke in December 2003 that Essie Mae Washington-Williams finally revealed that she was the biracial daughter of the late Senator Strom Thurmond, I was inspired to share my story. I remember the wire-bound spiral steno pad I used to pen the first few hundred words for… Continue reading Secret Child