Chaunte McClure


Meet Chaunte

Having gained the courage to share her story of fatherlessness, Chaunté McClure finds it necessary to raise awareness while helping fatherless daughters live their best life.

– Minister –

Chaunté is an ordained minister whose service goes beyond the local church, extending into underserved communities. She uses the gift of ministry to reach both youth and adults. Even as a leader, Chaunté loves serving others and does it with an enthusiasm that is contagious.

– Advocate –

As a fatherless daughter advocate, she is underpinned by validated life principles to help fatherless daughters identify some of the behaviors they have as a result of being fatherless. Being a fatherless daughter herself, Chaunté has learned and teaches others that being fatherless does not define you.

– Wounded Warrior –

Having experienced the emotional and psychological effects of being a fatherless daughter, Chaunte has turned her pain into purpose with the intent to reach others who share the consequences of fatherlessness and encourage them to live a life beyond fatherlessness.

– Speaker  –

Chaunté is fun, passionate, and results-oriented. She captures the hearts of these fatherless girls and women and uplifts them with clear, concise, and life-changing messages.

– Blogger –

She uses her blog, “Say That, Girl!” as a ministry platform to share her journey of pain tofatherless daughter advocate logo purpose and defeat to victory to help other fatherless daughters get on the path of freedom from mercilessness, bitterness, hate, and self-pity.

She is gifted with an easy-going, meticulous, and open-minded persona which complements her work to produce meaningful results.

When she’s not helping others, Chaunté loves to keep her creative juices flowing through faux calligraphy and writing. She also enjoys engaging on social media and surfing the web.