Say that, Girl! is a blog – a ministry – by a fatherless woman, for fatherless girls and women.

For most of my life, I’ve been silent about my personal fatherless experiences and after nearly 40 years, I’ve finally decided to speak out for the sake of helping myself and other fatherless girls and women.chaunte mcclure

I know, biologically, no one is fatherless. I get it. But I will use the term fatherless daughter to refer to a female who has an unavailable, unattached or absent father.

Let’s face it, being a fatherless daughter is painful, frustrating and often produces hate and unforgiveness.

Sharing stories from my childhood and adulthood, I will take you on my journey to love, acceptance and forgiveness in hopes of getting you on your journey.

This is a space for healing, peeling the layers and unpacking the pain with the goal of helping you rewrite the narrative of your life.