Dinner & Dialogue

After a group of black preachers met with President Trump an uproar ensued on social media and from mainstream black preachers, many who observed that though the invited preachers had a seat at the table, they didn’t have a voice.

Ladies, I’m inviting you to a seat at the table with me on August 24 for Dinner & Dialogue at M Vista. While we won’t discuss the important issue of prison reform, we will meet as sisters who share the consequence of not having our fathers physically and/or emotionally present. Let’s get together, have fun, share stories, and meet new people.

dinner dialogue

I started this blog in January with the intention of it being just one aspect of my personal ministry. I want to make more than a virtual connection with you as I strive to make a spiritual impact. Some of you have sent private messages or commented on social media posts, but I want to meet you face to face. Let’s talk. Let’s connect on Aug. 24 during Dinner & Dialogue. Meet me and other wonderful women at M Vista, 1701 Lady Street at 7 p.m. in downtown Columbia. Registration is free but required because seating is limited.

RSVP: Dinner & Dialogue

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